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Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Key Scan Findings
Implementation Strategies

Chapter One—Introduction

Study Objective and Focus Areas
Study Organization
Panel Composition
Amplifying Questions

Chapter Two—Key Findings

The Netherlands
Victoria, Australia
New South Wales, Australia

Chapter Three—Safety Data Themes


Chapter Four—Recommendations and Implementation Strategies


Appendix A—International Contacts

Appendix B—Team Members

Appendix C—Amplifying Questions

Appendix D—PROV Dutch Safety Survey

List of Figures and Tables


Figure 1. U.S. fatality rates.
Figure 2. U.S. goal for fatality reduction.
Figure 3. Example of road safety structure.
Figure 4. Digital imaging technology.
Figure 5. Plateau in U.S. motor vehicle fatality trends.
Figure 6. Comparison of fatality rates in the Netherlands and United States.
Figure 7. Example of mapped blackspots.
Figure 8. Example of road accidents on the Internet.
Figure 9. Introduction of new data sources.
Figure 10. Indepth crash research.
Figure 11. The network as information integrator.
Figure 12. Road network intersection detail.
Figure 13. Road Information System examples.
Figure 14. Road toll for New South Wales from 1949 to 2002.
Figure 15. The Enterprise Data Warehouse concept.
Figure 16. Example of access to the Data Warehouse.
Figure 17. DART drag sled.
Figure 18. Traffic assets on AssetMap application.
Figure 19. Road Safety Risk Manager software.
Figure 20. Road Safety Advisory Audit software.
Figure 21. Remote data collection.
Figure 22. WIM sensors in situ.
Figure 23. Walking profiler.
Figure 24. Portable laser profiler.
Figure 25. Roughometer.
Figure 26. Digital imaging technology.
Figure 27. Gipsi-Trac data acquisition screen.


Table 1. Scan locations and dates visited.
Table 2. Team members and organizations.
Table 3. Reported and estimated crash injuries in 2001.

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