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Appendix B: Itinerary and Meeting Schedule

DateCityMeeting Topic/Agency
Sunday, March 2SydneyTeam Organization Meeting
Monday, March 3SydneyRoad and Traffic Authority, New South Wales
  • Centre for Road Safety
  • Traffic Management
  • Policies and Guidelines
  • Customer Education
  • Operations and Strategic Priorities
Tuesday, March 4SydneyNational Roads and Motorists' Association
Wednesday, March 5MelbourneVicRoads, State of Victoria
  • Road Safety and Network Access
  • Road User Safety
  • Behavioral and Community Programs
  • Road Engineering and Safety
  • Vehicle Management and Safety
City of Whitehorse Road Safety Coordinator
Thursday, March 6MelbourneMonash University Accident Research Centre
  • Epidemiology
  • Highway Design
  • Visual Impairments
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Cognitive Impairments
Tour of VicRoads Transit and Roadway Improvements
Friday, March 7MelbourneVicRoads, State of Victoria
  • Infrastructure Policy
  • Network and Asset Planning
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development Activities on Older Drivers
Transportation Accident Commission Royal Automobile Club of Victoria
Saturday, March 8Travel DayMelbourne to Brisbane
Sunday, March 9BrisbaneTeam Working Meeting
Monday, March 10BrisbaneQueensland Department of Main Roads
  • Road Design Standards
  • Design Innovations and Standards
  • Road Safety Strategy
  • Licensing and Standards
  • Local Government Relations
Local Government Association of Queensland
Royal Automobile Club of Queensland
University of Queensland Mobility Training Research
Tuesday, March 11BrisbaneQueensland University of Technology
  • Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety
  • School of Optometry and Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovations
  • Mt. Cotton Driver Training Centre
Wednesday, March 12Travel DayAustralia to Japan
Thursday, March 13TokyoMinistry of Land and Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism
  • National Road Bureau
  • Kanto Division
  • National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management
Expressway Authority
Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis
Friday, March 14TokyoIwate Prefectural University
Tour of Tokyo Pedestrian and Transit Facilities
Saturday, March 15TokyoTeam Working Meeting
Sunday, March 16Travel DayJapan to United States
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