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Appendix B Team Members

Contact Information

Thomas D. Everett (FHWA Cochair)
Principal Bridge Engineer
FHWA Office of Bridge Technology
1200 New Jersey Ave., SE
Washington, DC 20590
Telephone: (202) 366-4675
Fax: (202) 366-3077
E-mail: thomas.everett@dot.gov

Peter Weykamp (AASHTO Cochair)
Bridge Maintenance Program Engineer
New York State Department of Transportation
50 Wolf Road, Pod 5-1
Albany, NY 12232
Telephone: (518) 457-8485
Cell: (518) 265-7768
Fax: (518) 457-4203
E-mail: pweykamp@dot.state.ny.us

Harry A. Capers (Report Facilitator)
Corporate Bridge Engineer
Arora and Associates
3120 Princeton Pike, 3rd Floor
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648-2372
Telephone: (609) 219-6789
Cell: (609) 462-9435
Fax: (609) 844-9799
E-mail: hcapers@arorapc.com

William R. (Randy) Cox, P.E.
Director, Bridge Division
Texas Department of Transportation
125 E. 11th Street
Austin, TX 78701
Telephone: (512) 416-2183
Cell: (512) 731-7269
Fax: (512) 416-3144
E-mail: wrcox@dot.state.tx.us

Thomas S. Drda
North Carolina Division Bridge Engineer
Federal Highway Administration
310 New Bern Ave., Suite 410
Raleigh, NC 27601-1410
Telephone: (919) 856-4760, ext. 129
Cell: (919) 946-5897
Fax: (919) 856-4353
E-mail: thomas.drda@fhwa.dot.gov

Lawrence Hummel
County Highway Engineer Manager
Van Buren County Road Commission
325 W. James Street, PO Box 156
Lawrence, MI 49064
Telephone: (269) 674-8011
Cell: (269) 569-6218
Fax: (269) 674-3770
E-mail: vbcrchummel@comcast.net

Paul Jensen
Bridge Management Systems Engineer
Montana Department of Transportation
2701 Prospect Ave.
Helena, MT 59620-1001
Telephone: (406) 444-9245
Fax: (406) 444-6155
E-mail: pjensen@mt.gov

David A. Juntunen
Engineer of Bridge Operations
Michigan Department of Transportation
Construction and Technology Division
8885 Ricks Road
Lansing, MI 48909
Telephone: (517) 322-5688
Cell: (517) 749-8036
Fax: (517) 322-5664
E-mail: juntunend@michigan.gov

Tod Kimball
Design and Structures Engineer
FHWA Vermont Division
87 State Street, PO Box 568
Montpelier, VT 05602
Telephone: (802) 828-4575
Fax: (802) 828-4424
E-mail: tod.kimball@dot.gov

Glenn A. Washer
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
University of Missouri-Columbia
Lafferre Hall, Room E2503
Columbia, MO 65211-2200
Telephone: (573) 884-0320
Cell: (573) 673-2207
Fax: (573) 882-4784
E-mail: washerg@missouri.edu

Biographic Sketches

Tom Everett (FHWA cochair) is the Bridge Programs Team leader in the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Office of Bridge Technology in Washington, DC. Everett manages the National Bridge Program, including the Highway Bridge Program, National Historic Bridge Preservation Program, and National Bridge Inspection Standards. He is a member of many committees and task forces, including the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials' (AASHTO) Technical Committee on Bridge Management, Evaluation, and Rehabilitation and the joint FHWA/AASHTO Wave Task Force. Before joining the Office of Bridge Technology, Everett served as a bridge management and inspection engineer in the FHWA Resource Center in Baltimore, MD, a bridge engineer in Tennessee, and a structural engineer in the former Regional Office for Structures in Baltimore. Everett is a graduate of Rutgers University and holds a master's degree in civil engineering from Johns Hopkins University. He is a licensed professional engineer in Rhode Island.

Peter Weykamp (AASHTO cochair) is the Bridge Maintenance Program engineer for the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT). His primary duties include development of network-level maintenance strategies, operations management, product evaluation, and technical supervision. He has been with NYSDOT for 23 years, holding positions in structural design, research, and construction. He has been in his current position since 1997. Weykamp chairs the Bridge Task Force on the AASHTO Subcommittee on Maintenance and is a member of the Transportation Research Board's (TRB) AHD-30 Structures Maintenance Committee. He holds bachelor's degrees in biology and civil engineering and a master's degree in public administration.

Harry A. Capers, Jr. (report facilitator) is the chief bridge engineer for a regional transportation engineering firm in the northeastern United States. In this role, he is responsible for oversight of all highway bridge work in the firm's six offices. He also serves as the quality assurance manager for the firm. He chairs TRB Committee AFF10 on General Structures and TRB Subcommittee AHD35-01 on Safety and Security of Bridges and Structures. He also chairs several National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) expert panels and serves as an industry advisor to the New Jersey Institute of Technology and the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering at the State University of New York in Buffalo, NY . Before his retirement from public service in 2006, Capers served more than 32 years with the New Jersey Department of Transportation as chief bridge engineer and was responsible for all highway structures and geotechnical design work. Capers has served as a member of the AASHTO Subcommittee on Bridges and Structures, chair of its Technical Committee on Loads and Load Distribution and Committee on Tunnel Design, and vice chair of the Technical Committee on Seismic Design. He received a master's degree in civil engineering from Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, NY , and a master of public administration degree from Rutgers University in Newark, NJ. He has written 24 papers for national and international publications. Capers is a registered professional engineer in New Jersey and New York.

Randy Cox is director of the Bridge Division of the Texas Department of Transportation in Austin, TX. Under his direction, the division develops policy, standards, manuals, and guidelines for the design, construction, maintenance, and inspection of the state bridge system. The division oversees and manages the federal bridge inspection program for about 49,000 bridges in Texas. Cox chairs the AASHTO Technical Committee for Bridge Management, Evaluation, and Rehabilitation for the Subcommittee on Bridges and Structures and is a member of several TRB committees. Cox is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. He is a licensed professional engineer in Texas.

Thomas Drda is the structural engineer in FHWA's North Carolina Division. In this position, he serves as the lead specialist on all structural matters pertaining to design, construction, maintenance, and safety inspection of highway structures. Drda is responsible for ensuring that the bridge inspection program in North Carolina is in compliance with National Bridge Inspection Standards. Before joining FHWA in 2001, he served as a senior structural engineer for a private firm and as a project manager for a State department of transportation. Drda is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and a licensed professional engineer.

Lawrence B. Humel is the county highway engineer manager and director of public works and parks and recreation for the Van Buren County Road Commission in Michigan. In this role, he is responsible for oversight of the day-to-day operations of the road commission and implementation of the preservation, rehabilitation, and reconstruction of bridges and other highway structures. He serves on the Regional Bridge Council-Southwest Region, responsible for reviewing and rating the region's critical bridge applications. Hummel received his bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Michigan Technological University and his master of public administration degree from Western Michigan University. He is a registered professional engineer and a licensed residential builder in Michigan and a member of the National Association of County Engineers, the American Public Works Association, and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

Paul Jensen is a bridge management systems engineer for the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) in Helena, MT. Jensen develops and administers the State's bridge inspection standards, policies, and procedures. His work includes developing and updating MDT's Bridge Inspection Manual and updating the policy and procedures in the quality control/quality assurance area. Since joining MDT in 1995, he has developed and implemented automated checking procedures for MDT's electronic bridge inspection inventory data. Before joining MDT, he developed quality control/quality assurance procedures on transportation design projects for a consulting firm. Jensen graduated from Montana State University. He is a licensed professional engineer in Montana and serves on several TRB technical committees and AASHTO's BRIDGEWare Task Force.

David Juntunen is the engineer of bridge operations for the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) at the Construction and Technology Laboratory in Lansing, MI. Juntunen directs the Bridge Operations Section, which includes bridge inspection, load rating, structural fabrication, bridge construction, and bridge management. Juntunen is the system manager for MDOT's annual $185 million capital bridge preservation program and is responsible for developing strategy to meet the goals on improving the overall condition of MDOT's 4,400 highway bridges. Juntunen has worked for MDOT since 1987 and has served as a bridge designer, bridge project manager, structural research engineer, and special structures engineer. Juntunen is a civil engineering graduate of Michigan Technological University and a licensed professional engineer in Michigan.

Tod Kimball is the design and structures engineer for the FHWA Vermont Division. In this role, he manages the division's Federal-aid bridge program and serves as the principal staff specialist for structural matters. Before joining the Vermont Division, Kimball served as the assistant structures engineer for the FHWA Pennsylvania Division, a structural engineer with the Bridge Inspection and Management Program of FHWA's Federal Lands Bridge Office in Virginia, and a bridge design engineer and regional bridge inspection engineer for the Georgia Department of Transportation in Atlanta. He has performed National Bridge Inspection Standards compliance reviews and has conducted bridge safety inspections for more than 40 national parks and military bases throughout the United States. Before joining the civil engineering ranks, Kimball served short stints as a high school mathematics teacher, a computer programmer, and a laborer in light residential construction. Kimball holds bachelor's and master's degrees in civil engineering from the University of Maine, and a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Gordon College in Massachusetts. He is a licensed professional engineer in Georgia

Dr. Glenn Washer is an assistant professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Before joining the university, Washer was with the FHWA Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center, where he served as director of the Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) Program. Washer has expertise in a wide variety of NDE technologies for the condition assessment of highway bridges. He has published more than 60 conference and journal papers on the development of NDE technologies and the reliability of bridge inspection practices. Washer received his Ph.D. in materials science and engineering from Johns Hopkins University in 2001. He received a master's degree in structural engineering from the University of Maryland in 1996 and a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1990. Washer is an active leader in the technical community, chairing several committees related to the condition assessment of highway bridges. He chairs the TRB Subcommittee on the Nondestructive Testing of Structures and the ASCE Committee on Bridge Management, Inspection, and Rehabilitation.

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