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Appendix D: Key Papers

Throughout the tour, the scanning team received numerous documents from all of the hosting agencies. The documents referred to in this report are listed here.

  1. Color contrast in tunnels (Kleurcontrast in tunnels) (TNO-report TM-00-C009, in Dutch) by J. W. A. M. Alferdinck, Department of Perception (Displays), TNO Human Factors, Soesterberg, the Netherlands.
  2. Visibility in road lighting; correlation of subjective assessments with calculated values by J. Lecocq, Thorn Europhane, Les Andelys, France.
  3. Quality criteria for road lighting: luminance and uniformity levels? Or visibility? by Jean-Marie Dijon and Laurent Maldague of R-Tech S.A. Belgium.
  4. Tunnel of Wevelgem; comparison and tests of symmetrical, counter-beam and pro-beam systems by Jean-Marie Dijon and P. Winkin of R-Tech S.A. Belgium.
  5. Laboratory experimental study of the influence of environmental complexity on the detection of various targets by G. Paulmier, C. Brusque, V. Carta, and V. Nguyen, LCPC; Paris, France.
  6. Evaluation of the photometric characteristics of porous asphalts by Corinne Brusque, Jean Peybernard, LCPC; Paris, France.
  7. Study of road surface photometric properties by numerical simulations by T. Rondeau, C. Brusque, LCPC, Paris, France; and N. Noe and B. Peroche of Ecole des Mines de St-Etienne Centre Simade, St-Etienne, France.
  8. Black window method of short tunnel lighting design by J. W. Huijben and F. de Roo, Engineering Department, Rijkwaterstaat, the Netherlands.
  9. Dynamic public lighting, Ministry of Transport, Public Works, and Water Management; P.O. Box 1031; 3000 BA Rotterdam; the Netherlands.
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