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The trip described in this report was successful thanks to the contributions and sacrifices of a large number of individuals. First, and foremost, the panel members thank the engineers and other transportation officials from the five countries visited. These individuals gladly gave their time and resources to make us feel comfortable and to provide the panel with the latest technical information from their respective organizations. The panel met too many individuals to list here, but they are listed in appendix C. In addition to the people listed in the appendix, the panel members thank the behind-the-scenes individuals who worked on the logistical aspects of the trip. In many cases, the panel members may never have met these people, but we recognize their valuable contribution to the success of this trip.

The panel members would never have been able to start and successfully complete the trip without the assistance of the staff from American Trade Initiatives, Inc. (ATI). ATI, under contract with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), handled the pre-trip logistics, escorted the delegation throughout the trip, and provided the support needed to prepare and publish this report. The panel members would like to recognize the following staff of ATI:

This trip was made possible with support and funding from the FHWA Midwestern Resource Center and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). In particular, the panel members thank Donald Symmes and Hana Maier, from the FHWA Office of International Programs, and Dave Hensing and Kyung Ku Lim, of AASHTO, for sponsoring the trip and allowing panel members to observe and report on practices in European countries. Additionally, the panel members thank the staff of the National Coopoerative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) for their assistance.

Finally, the panel members express appreciation to the many individuals who served as interpreters throughout the trip. Although many of our hosts spoke excellent English, having an interpreter who was familiar with the technical terms of the lighting profession was of immense assistance to the panel.

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